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YouTube moderation bots will start issuing warnings, 24-hour bans

New automated moderation program does not seem to allow for human intervention.



Enlarge (credit: Carolco Pictures)

YouTube has announced a plan to crack down on spam and abusive content in comments and livestream chats. Of course, YouTube will be doing this with bots, which will now have the power to issue timeouts to users and instantly remove comments that are deemed abusive.

YouTube’s post says, “We’ve been working on improving our automated detection systems and machine learning models to identify and remove spam. In fact, we’ve removed over 1.1 billion spammy comments in the first six months of 2022.” It later adds, “We’ve improved our spambot detection to keep bots out of live chats.”

When YouTube removes a message, the company says it will warn the poster that the message has been removed. The company adds, “If a user continues to leave multiple abusive comments, they may receive a timeout and be temporarily unable to comment for up to 24 hours.”

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