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USB-C desktop power chargers tested—the best GaN-based boxes

We tested the best multi-port, high-wattage chargers for the plug-deprived.



Enlarge / GaN desktop chargers in their native habitat. From left: Ugreen Nexode 200W, Hyper 245W GaN Desktop Charger, and Anker 727 Power Station. (credit: Kevin Purdy / Ars Technica)

USB-C has made it easier to plug things in and connect them. Charging, though? Charging is still complicated. You get a different amount of power based on the device, the port, the battery level, and whatever else is drawing current. It can make you wish for a few ports that power whatever you plug in, whatever the size.

You used to need a big surge protector, packed with charging bricks crowding each other out, to get that kind of juice. But these days, gallium nitride-based chargers can put out serious power from a small space. We’ve scanned the marketplace, tried out a few of them, and have some recommendations for different power needs.

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