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The Callisto Protocol is an intimate, unsettling take on survival horror

Preview: Former Visceral Games devs reach new levels of sci-fi horror brutality.



<img src="×458.png" alt="Don't be fooled by the over-the-shoulder perspective. This isn't just another Dead Space.”>

Don’t be fooled by the over-the-shoulder perspective. This isn’t just another Dead Space.

When looking at The Callisto Protocol, it’s hard not to think of the Dead Space series. Coming from the former Visceral Games developers who have now formed Striking Distance Studios, the upcoming survival-horror game shares plenty of similarities with EA’s beloved space-horror shooter series (which also seems to be set for a revival in 2023).

The creative director of The Callisto Protocol (and co-creator of Dead Space), Glen Schofield, says he wants his new game to be the next step for the genre rather than just retreading familiar ground. “I know people are calling [The Callisto Protocol] a spiritual successor to Dead Space, but I honestly don’t mean it to be that way,” he told Ars at a recent preview event. “I want this to be a standalone game, and once you get into the story and experience, there are some key differences at work, which I’m really proud of.”

And after finally playing an early portion of the game and speaking with Schofield about its development, it became clear that there’s more going on with The Callisto Protocol and its brand of sci-fi horror than appears at first glance.

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