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Surface 9 Pro teardown reveals modular parts, Microsoft’s 2023 repair plans

Microsoft says it will offer parts, manuals, and retail repair in early 2023.




There’s not much new to the Surface Pro 9 on the outside, as our review points out. Inside, however, there is evidence of a lot of work by Microsoft to make the device more repairable, as shown in an iFixit teardown.

iFixit has consulted with Microsoft’s hardware teams for a while now, providing advice on making devices more repairable. As evidence of this, Microsoft claims in a statement that it will:

  • Make repair guides available for the Surface Pro 9’s components by the end of the year
  • Work with “a major US retailer” to build out an authorized (in-store) repair network by early 2023
  • Offer parts to individuals and repair shops by the first half of 2023

All these factors improve repairability, both in practice and in iFixit’s (and French, European, and potentially other nations’) repair scores.

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