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RNC sued Google for filtering spam but never used Gmail tool that bypasses filter

Gmail pilot program for campaigns ends Jan. 31; Google will “evaluate next steps.”



Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | pagadesign)

Google is ending a pilot program that let political emails bypass the Gmail spam filter, and it says it hasn’t decided whether to convert the pilot into a more long-term option for political campaigns. The Republican National Committee (RNC) sued Google in October 2022 over its spam-filtering practices but never participated in the pilot program, Google said Monday in a motion to dismiss the RNC’s lawsuit.

“The Pilot Program was made available to all eligible participants on a non-partisan basis” and “is scheduled to run through January 31, 2023,” Google’s court filing said.

The Federal Election Commission approved Google’s pilot program in August 2022 amid Republican claims of Google bias. “As the Complaint makes clear, the RNC has chosen not to participate in Google’s FEC-approved Pilot Program,” Google’s motion to dismiss said.

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