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LG reveals vibrating speakers as ultra-thin alternative to traditional car audio

10% thickness of a traditional car speaker, LG says.



Enlarge (credit: LG Display)

LG Display will commercialize thin, vibrating speakers for cars in the first half of 2023, the company announced today. The Thin Actuator Sound Solution has similar dimensions to a passport and forgoes many of the bulkier parts of typical car speakers.

LG Display is known for developing display panel technologies and providing them to various companies, including the consumer LG brand. Its new speaker doesn’t use a cone, magnet, or voice coil and doesn’t require a speaker grille. Instead, the speaker relies on what the company described as a “film-type exciter technology,” which vibrates off display panels “and various materials inside the car body” to create “3D” sound that LG Display claims is as good as what traditional car speakers produce.

LG even worked with a “global audio company” to develop the speakers, but we can’t tell you if that’s impressive or not because LG Display didn’t specify the partner’s name.

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