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Jony Ive successor Evans Hankey leaves Apple after 3 years

No replacement has been named yet.



Enlarge / The Apple Park campus in Cupertino, California. (credit: Anadolu Agency | Getty)

Evans Hankey, Apple vice president of industrial design since 2019, has announced plans to leave the company in the coming months. Apple confirmed her impending departure to Bloomberg.

She has been sitting in the post of hardware design lead once famously held by Jony Ive. Prior to taking the role, Hankey reported to Ive for several years. Since 2019 she has reported to Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer. She manages dozens of industrial designers at the company. Whereas Ive once oversaw both industrial and software design, Hankey’s responsibility was on the hardware side only. Apple’s head of software design, Alan Dye, will remain in his role, according to sources that spoke with Bloomberg.

Hankey announced her departure this week, saying she will stay for six months while Apple works out its future plans for the industrial design team. She has not publicly said what her next move is. Her role was also held for a short time by designer Richard Howarth from 2015 to 2017. Hankey took it on around the time of Ive’s departure from the company just three years ago. Howarth is still with the company and could be a candidate to replace Hankey.

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