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Corsair says bug, not keylogger, behind some K100 keyboards’ creepy behavior

An error with the macro recording feature may be to blame.



Enlarge (credit: Getty)

Keylogger-like behavior has some Corsair K100 keyboard customers concerned. Several users have reported their peripheral randomly entering text into their computer that they previously typed days or weeks ago. However, Corsair told Ars Technica that the behavior is a bug, not keylogging, and it’s possibly related to the keyboard’s macro recording feature.

A reader tipped us off to an ongoing thread on Corsair’s support forum that a user started in August. The user claimed that their K100 started typing on its own while they use it with a MacBook Pro, gaming computer, and KVM switch.

“Every couple of days, the keyboard has started randomly typing on its own while I am working on the MacBook. It usually seems to type messages that I previously typed on the gaming PC and it won’t stop until I unplug the keyboard and plug it back in,” the user, “brendenguy,” wrote.

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