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Carnival Row announces second and final season with briefest of teasers

Travis Beacham’s “Victorian neo-noir” fantasy series debuted in 2019.



Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne reprise their roles as Philo and Vignette in the second and final season of Carnival Row.

Carnival Row, Prime Video’s lavish “Victorian neo-noir” fantasy series that premiered back in 2019, is coming back for one more season. (I called it “part murder mystery, part fairy tale, and 100 percent wholly original” in my review at the time.) The series was renewed for a second season even before the first season aired, but the pandemic delayed those plans. The streaming platform has now announced that the forthcoming second season, premiering in February, will be its last with the briefest of teasers.

(Spoilers for the first season below.)

As I wrote previously, Carnival Row is based on a feature film script by Travis Beacham (Pacific Rim), written when he was still in film school in North Carolina 17 years ago. He was working in the school library and found himself reading about everything from Celtic mythology to Jack the Ripper. All that fodder fed into a 10-page script for a short film about a constable in neo-Victorian London visiting a faerie brothel where a murder has taken place. His professor suggested the subject was better suited to a full-length feature. The finished script made the first Hollywood Black List in 2005, an annual list of the “most liked” screenplays not yet produced. It took another 14 years to make it into production. Legendary Entertainment ultimately bought the script in 2015 and reimagined it as a series for Amazon Prime.

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