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After 25 years, Goldeneye 007 gets its first modern rerelease Friday

Xbox gets enhanced 4K visuals, but Switch gets online play.



Fans of ’90s split-screen shooter classic Goldeneye 007 (not to be confused with the loosely related 2010 Wii title of the same name) will only have to dig out their N64 controllers for a few more days. After 25 years, the game will finally see its first rerelease on modern consoles, with Switch and Xbox versions hitting on Friday, January 27.

As previously announced, the Switch version will be part of the awkwardly named Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership, which costs $50 per year. New footage of that emulated version of the original game shows the same blocky characters, muddy textures, and pixelated sprites that players know (and love?) from the original game. In addition to the previously announced online multiplayer support, the Switch version will also feature a widescreen mode to expand the 4:3 aspect ratio of the original game.

Goldeneye 007 as it will appear on the Nintendo Switch starting Friday.

Xbox One and Series S/X owners, meanwhile, will be able to enjoy Goldeneye 007 as part of an Xbox Game Pass subscription or as a free DLC download that’s now included with the purchase of 2005’s Rare Replay. The first footage of that Xbox gameplay shows this version’s upscaled 4K visuals, which smooth out those low-res original textures and the aliased edges on authentic low-polygon character and object models. This version only promises a “legendary local multiplayer mode,” though, in addition to “alternative control options” for a modern Xbox controller.

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